Billy McLaughlin is a speaker who engages with more than words

And he never uses PowerPoint! Billy delivers customized high performance keynotes that highlight personal inspiration, reinvention, grit, innovation, overcoming obstacles, leadership and change management.  With an unforgettable personal narrative and just the right amount of music, he will create lifelong impact for everyone – entry to C-level – at your next conference. Billy embodies the answer to your search for “something different”. Confidently outside the norm, this Emmy-winner will deliver your critical message in a totally fresh, unique and most importantly memorable way.

“Billy was absolutely amazing. The feedback has been off the charts! I would love to have him join us for future events.” — Chance Garrity, General Manager, North Central District, Microsoft Corporation

Conference planners around the world are asking Billy McLaughlin to present at their meetings. From New York City to Beijing, San Diego to Mumbai, organizations have learned it is possible to overcome their most difficult challenges by hearing from a man who does more than speak. Billy demonstrates his own resolve and reinvention by using his hands, despite an incurable disorder that once ended his career, to prove that nothing can hold you back from creating on-going success for yourself and your organization.

Introduction & Sampler Videos

Billy has appeared on many news outlets such as CBS News Early Show, PBS, Reuters, Radio Beijing and The Associated Press.